Huddy Combs Dedication by rapper Dutch

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Huddy Combs (aka Huddy 6) was one of the founding members, along with Mase, of Harlem World. Harlem rapper Dutch dedicated a song called “Angel Wings” in light of the tragedies. Check it out!

Angel Wings pro by Dmillz by GabrielofSFPL

Entitled “Angel Wings” This song is a reminder that no matter what
tragedy strikes, we’ll still have our ANGEL WINGS
R.I.P Huddy Combs
Cheyenne Baez

-Stay Fly!

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One thought on “Huddy Combs Dedication by rapper Dutch

  1. wow thanks so much for the post. He was a pivotal figure in the music game mos def in Harlem. I really like the tribute song to0. shout outs to Dutch and the whole 100gang.


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