The FLY Verdict: Chris Brown and Rocsi …

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Chris Brown showed up to 106th & Park in his best Paul Bunyan attire, yesterday. Chris was on a roll fashion wise, but now he’s back to wearing 3 outfits at the same time. *sighs* Chris’s Outfit however, is really the least of my problems ….

What is Rocsi wearing?

She looks like Queen Latifah in Ladies First?

No, she looks like she’s auditioning for Loose Ends in 3D…

No, she looks like the opening Credits to Video Music Box…

No, she looks like En Vogue after all the members left.


Please tell me your thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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5 thoughts on “The FLY Verdict: Chris Brown and Rocsi …

  1. LLS!!!!
    I always think of you Ray when I view 106 and see Rocsi’s “not quite” looks. You said a while ago that something is almost always off LOL!!!
    The catsuit itself would not have been so bad if it weren’t for the boots, and maybe if she had worn some type of jacket or top to give the effect of leggings and ef with a diff shoe but oh well…

    CB, I have nothing here LOL


  2. ohhh rosci or better know as cant get right.. SMMFH. digg the boots but not wit the catsuit and she also should try different hairstyles wit different fits. switch it up shit.. chris jacket was madd small and then wit the cutoffS and the slopply laced kicks..bueno of the NO…


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