5 Random Thoughts…

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I’m normally not blown away lyrically by Nicki but she KILLED that verse on Luda’s My Chick Bad


Meanwhile, my favorite rapper Foxy was spotted in the Studio with Ron Browz… Fox, I don’t wanna hear you in autotune.



Lil Mama’s recent outfits and hairstyles on ABDC have been the best ever…


Think About it? Take a second.


This picture takes a lot of energy out of me.


-Stay Fly!


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7 thoughts on “5 Random Thoughts…

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  3. I like nikki but I’m tired of the repeated lyrical style!!! shew looks nice on the cover DOE…lol… YESSSSS thank god lil mama steped it up ,lets continue to go foward and not backwards,, kelly how do you show up to your own party and look like the rest of the female sin the club??? laast time i checked your suppose to hit the STUNT button on your BDAY!!!uccqqq….AND IM NOT SAYING SHES A CRACK HEAD ,SHES JUST CRACK-ISH!!!lol


  4. @ Foxy: Stop doin dumb ish, and get on your game or sit yo ass down.. FOR GOOD.
    @ Lil Mama: HAWT DAMN MESS..
    @ Kelly R: Not feeling the shoes with that fit, but you’re Kelly R., so do you…

    And lastly, I refuse to comment on the Ghetto Gramma Whitney pic.. I can’t….

    …That is all…


  5. Lil Mama: Its ABOUT DAMN TIME you got you look together, its not like you’re career is so booming that you don’t have any time to come up with a sufficient outfit!

    Kelly: You could’ve came a little harder!

    Whitney: Lawd…….


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