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Looks like Omarion is taking T-Pain’s place with auto-tunes. I like the track but let’s not be repetitive with auto-tunes. Leave it for one song and call it a day. Let T-Pain handle the rest. Anyway, good track Omarion! The title & chorus…not so much.

More music after the jump…

This track is sick! But I am not crazy about the vocals nor the lyrics. I will have to give this one a C+.

Very good collabo. Keri always gives a good chorus & hook. Love it!

A very good friend of mine. I will always support this guy. Great pop track.

Here’s another hott one!

Great collabo. Great track. Good looks JaySean!

This is probably my favorite Robin Thicke track to date. Love it!

Wow. This was definitely a great collabo. Such a great sound.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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One thought on “SFPL’S NEW MUSIC!

  1. I guess I’m just over Omarion…he does nothing for me anymore. I really like Kandi’s song, it’s sorta motivational. Plies & Keri? Ehh it’s ok…Idk, I think I like the one with Gucci, Three 6 Mafia, & Keri better; I think it’s a little slower too. This is my first time hearing Lil Eddie’s material and I kinda like it. Jay Sean’s pretty cool; he’s growing on me. I LOVE Robin Thicke!! Ok Toni, I see you…very nice!


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