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5 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: The Game Feat. Chris Brown, Diddy, Boys II Men, Polow Da Don & Mario Winans “Better On The Other Side”

  1. Dope!

    Really loved to see all the MJ fan love.Niiice,I so wish I coulda been in the video decked out in my thriller gear…drats!

    The Game….a little dramatic,I mean yes it was extremely sad but…sittin in the bathtub fully clothed,clutching a bottle…reeeally??

    Oh Chris Brown YESSS!He totally brought the boom boom POW I miss his fine ass!


  2. R.I.P Michael Jackson!!!!!

    I really loved the tribute MINUS Chris “Beat Her Down” Brown. Yes, as Sina said, he bought the boom boom pow alright….too bad it was all over Rihanna’s face.

    To me it seems like he should be away for much longer than this. I know it would be wrong to hold that incident over his head forever but I am just NOT READY to see Chris Brown yet. He just beat someone’s ass in Febuary, and it’s only July. He should stop using Michael Jackson’s death as a career jump start. But overall like I said great tribute MINUS the woman beater.

    P.S. Before I get hated on for my opinion of Chris Brown, it’s my opinion. He doesn’t look sincere. Just because he liked Michael Jackson does not give him a free pass to beat someone’s ass. We live in a big world. He CAN and WILL eventually be REPLACED by a younger, and more talented artist. That’s how the world works.


  3. I just want to say that our generation doesn’t know how to forgive. We shouldn’t be thinking about what he did in the past but what he’s doing right now on this song to honor Michael Jackson who we all know was not a perfect man himself. I’m not hating in your opinion I’m just stating my own…


  4. Understood. I see where you are coming from Dee. For me, and i think a lot of people though, forgiveness takes time. Michael was not perfect, but I wouldn’t want someone who just plead guilty to beating a woman within an inch of her life, representing what Michael Jackson ultimately stood for, which was peace. Just like you wouldn’t want to see a former KKK give a tribute to Martin Luther King . It’s just too soon, and too much. Chris Brown hasn’t even given us time to miss him. It’s painfully obvious that he wants to use Michael’s death as a career jump start. He even hired a public relations lawyer to teach him how to, and its a shame how hes making people fall for it. Look into that.


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