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    Welp, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta are back for a new season and in true RHOA fashion the drama has walked in side-by-side with the ladies. With the dismissal of two of last season’s ladies, resident bore, Sheree Whitefield and fire cracker, Marlo Hampton, their replacements have already proven to be just as dramatic as their precedent dramanistas. 

    NeNe Leakes.

    Still fabulous, the show’s STAR is back with a new smile, two prime time shows and is now actually REALLY a Rich Bitch!

    COME ON TEETH! She’s laughing all the way to the bank this season!

    Kim Zolciak 

    The queen of synthetic wigs, indentured servants and rented homes, is back, knocked up and still an idiot. Didn’t see it for Kim last season and we don’t see it for her this season either. She’s already unleashed a slew of racist comments, got kicked out of her rental and left the show (allegedly). Kim appears to be banking on a second season of her spin off with her new husband (what’s his name?), but we wouldn’t put our money on that. Nobody cares. Seriously. 


     Phaedra Parks

    She’s still country, still a southern belle and still taking on new ventures as she prepares to not only bury the dead, but bury animals as well. Apollo is still her back pack, she’s still throwing elaborate parties for her infant son and still to proper for Jesus.

     Cynthia Bailey

    She’s back with a better wardrobe and a backbone. The artist formerly known as the shadow of NeNe Leakes is back with good hair, a brand new opinion and she isn’t afraid to show it! UHH OHHH! Too bad she’s two season’s too late, but let’s see how this plays out. 

     Kandi Burruss


    Kandi has annoyed me to no end in season’s past with her constant nagging, and consistent ability to talk herself into senseless drama. This season she’s back, found love, is a bit more subtle and still needs more people. Let’s see if she gains a few by the season’s end.

     Kenya Moore

    Former Mrs. USA …


    Is already stirring up the pot with her twenty year old title and attitude of entitlement. She’s not flying real high on our radar as of yet, but we’ll see how she handles herself in these mean streets of At-Lan-Ta.


    Porsche Stewart


    We’ll keep you posted on the drama right here on SFPL, Stay Tuned!

    -Stay Fly!

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