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Introducing 55DSL‘s new collection of sneakers.

The perfectly imperfect 55DSL SHOES have been launched and will be available in 55DSL stores and selected DIESEL stores in November.

Step into the colors and styles below;

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We couldn’t help ourselves. When an opportunity this good comes along, you just can’t pass it up. We have finally embraced the little details that make a big difference in our new and imperfect 55DSL shoes. They are perfect in their imperfection — just like everything else that surrounds us. We know now that beauty is not perfect, and our attraction to the imperfection is what led us to seek the spontaneous beauty of the little details that break away from perfection.

Listen carefully to what we’re saying: perfection doesn’t exist! Beauty is imperfect! Just look at our own physiology: our right side is different from our left. And so are our 55DSL shoes: the right shoe is slightly different than the left.


We created two models — a running shoe (CRI55 CRO55) and a high-top sneaker (55TOP) — each in four different colours. The CRI55 CRO55 comes in a suede-and-nylon mix, two-tone: black/grey, beige/brown, iconic red/blue and “summer” blue turquoise and grey. It’s on his eyes that you can find small differences: pay attention.

The 55TOP, instead, with his high-top shape, takes inspiration from ‘80s skate style in nylon with leather and suede accents and a vulcanized sole. Even for this model, we have not abandoned the iconic red/blue colors, without forgetting the elegance of black and steel gray, the anthracite and green and the summer tones of mustard gold and bronze. Our advice here is to focus on the stitching … Do they seem speculars?

The imperfections , indeed, are in the small details: the stitching, the buttonholes, the colours on the logo and the labels. At first glance you won’t see a difference, but look closely and you will see the perfect imperfections.

The perfectly imperfect 55DSL SHOES have been launched exclusively at Berlin’s Bread & Butter tradeshow in July, and will be available in 55DSL stores and selected DIESEL stores in November.

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