[Audio] Meeka Claxton Attempts to Redeem Herself…

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The Arch Nemesis of this Season’s VH1 Basketball Wives, Meeka Claxton called into NYC’s Power 105.1 to redeem herself after getting butchered on last nights Reunion Show.

Last Night Meeka was annihilated by both Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada, when confronted about all her lies and gossip on this season’s programing.

She looked pretty stupid in the face the majority of the show, I actually felt sorry for her. She’s not my favorite but I definitely like her more than stripper-turned-dancer Royce whatever her last name is.

Check out Meeka attempting to save face, as she chats with The Breakfast Club.

I can’t wait till the outcome of this lawsuit.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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3 thoughts on “[Audio] Meeka Claxton Attempts to Redeem Herself…

  1. Meeka can hang it up. Meeka couldn’t form a thought if her brain was made of play doh.
    Tami was right if Meeka’s story would stop changing then she wouldn’t get so much flack.
    I like people who let their impressions influence how they treat a person. Instead of Meeka’s mentality of not liking on girl because her “ARCH-NEMESIS” doesn’t like the girl. So highschool.

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