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    I GOT IT! Lauryn Hill has been giving me Whitney Houston every since her return, No?

    If Tiny goes to jail, will T.I. fill in for Season 3? T.I. & Toya ?

    Rihanna needs to throw that red wig in the garbage… #JustThrowItInTheTrash.

    So since Shyne can’t like come to America, is he gonna promote his new album via Skype?

    Since Brandy is doing Dancing with the Stars, will Ray J do Celebrity Fit Club?

    -Stay Fly!

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    3 Comments for 5 Random Thoughts…

    The FLY Police

    *CHOKES* WAIT!!!!!!


    I kept waiting for, Crack is wack and its CHEAP !!!!

    High Snob

    Toure looks like he’s thinking “Bitch you talk too much…” lol

    Ray J’s bunched up jeans and pointy shoes are BAMMMAAAA.

    High Snob

    and P.S. Shyne is finished. No one cares Shyne…seriously.

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