FLY POST OF THE WEEK: Baltimore Rapper “Keys” Disses Nicki Minaj…

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This week Fly Readers chimed in heavy on this Keys Vs. Nicki Minaj Beef. What’s your take?

I mean, Keys is nice and all but….

One thing that kills me is how people come from up under graves, trucks, porches, mattresses, 7 Eleven, HESS Gas Stations…and wanna diss the next rapper that actually has a deal. I don’t get it. Where is your record deal??

Nicki is cleaning up shop right now. You should try to join her than hate on her.

What are your thoughts on this baltimore rapper Keys?

Thanks Kemi!

Stay Fly!



95 thoughts on “FLY POST OF THE WEEK: Baltimore Rapper “Keys” Disses Nicki Minaj…

  1. I’m saying tho damn why not let other female emcee’s shine too. I dam sho dont want Nikki to be the only female emcee in the game right now. She’s lame and her barbie doll/ dumb valley girl routine is old, and lyrically Nikki is weak! All yall lames can’t appreciate a good battle rap, duh thats apart of hip hop. So your favorite pop artist (Nikki Minaj) who’s claiming to be hip hop will be touched. Just face it. Sit back an enjoy the show. I dont want wack ass Nikki monopolizing the game. So go team KEYS!!!!

  2. KEY got it. I mean nicki minaj is crazy at some shit she say. but Key wasn’t hating. She was speaking obviously the truth and made me and everyone else laugh. Honestly I love nicki but she just qot shot at. all im saying is nicki you need to step ya cookies up.. go get you a later. you said your the baddest bitch right? so shoot

  3. mainnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee KEYS kilt dat shit FUXK dat; Nicki my BiTXH but keys quite DEMOLISH NICKI……i MEAN NICKI WERE IS U AT????????????????/

  4. Wow people really need to stay in school, go back to english class and learn how to spell! Anyway, I like Nicki Minaj, heard all her mixtapes and liked some of her stuff, BUT when somebody kills it, you have to give them credit. And Keys killed it with out a doubt. Now I’m not turning my back on Nicki but that Barbie shit is annoying and I am tired of seeing all these little 9-15 year old dress and act like her like wtf??? Nicki and her little minons. Keys was a breath of fresh air and she can go hard. So props to Keys and Still love you Nicki

  5. Nicki was that same chick doing the same thing as keys did. Nicki’s been on youtube for a few years before she was signed…we forgot that. She killed Nicki, Im a fan of Nicki, her music is light-hearted fun…but lets not totally diss keys as if she’s a hater…Nicki is no Lauryn….She’s a fun girl..Sorry. and if keys wasn’t a problem, then why did nicki respond to her.

  6. nicki is gettin money for wht she do..keys come from on where…nd do this wack azz dizz on youtube lmao

  7. Keys is the fuckin barbie killer! She did her damn thing. Everybody concerned about how she’s dressed and her hair but that ain’t got shit to do with the point that she was trying to make. Like she said, she actually makes more sence in that one song that nm did in all of her mixtapes. I mean why hate on keys. We need someone out here that’s gonna set the game back straight.someone that actually have somethin intelligent to say. Cause at this time nm ain’t nothing but a fad…it will all be over very soon.

  8. Nikki minaj is da shit foreal but i gotta say keys killed her 4real gotz 2 give credit where credit is due n she dissed the hell outta nicki n her shit made sense all nicki shit dnt b makin sense n ppl need 2 stop talkin bout how keys hatin on nicki minaj she just a squirrel tryna get a nut she just tryna cum up n n 2010 dats how its goin down people lookin 4 da beefs they payin attention n plus dat was a way 4 her 2 get noticed luk @ it this way 50 cent did the same thing when he first came out he dissed JZ an jz dissed him bac n his song puttin his name out there keys jus lukin 4 publicity nicki should understand. so big ups 2 both of yall

  9. sigh to all yu little ppl, its nice that keys feels that by “killing” other feamle artist,but i think i’d become a fan if i heard her express why she should be a new player in the game, not how she can fuck up female rap even closed.

  10. Just answer me this did or didnt NM say she eating these rap bitches now if you go on youtube you will find that vid with her saying this did or didnt she on her new song say and I quote ” tell these rappers that nicki said this she got she got tom toms ova here bigger that a monster” now with that being said hiphop was built on battling and if you feel that confident to say all those things you should be ready and prepared to be challenged and thats just fair game! period point blank at first I was like aww oh girl keys is hating but NM put it out there so people hold you to that, Keys killed it and if NM dont shoot back keys is going to rise even if she doesnt ever say her name she already has 800,000 hits on youtube and keys fanbase is going to grow so nm better come out with something to shut keys tha fuck up or she is going to have competition cause trust me and believe the label is going to sign keys if she gets a buzz going so nm needs to step up, Its hiphop thats how it always have been all of the best has done it. Its not hating its dog eat dog!!!

  11. ^^^^^^^^^^nicki sort of has the right to, just madd of yall ppl r l8 on why i say this…nicki been doin it big for me since her first mixtape release, so let her say what she want now..if keys gets signed that would be nice, but if youre goin to make a diss video about someone at least refrain from using that same rapper’s beat and flow.

  12. Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan) THis bitch is the REALEST FAG with a voice of someone`s psycho grandma!!!!
    How old is she?)) 50?60?)or is that botooooooooox?)
    DO NOT ENVY NICKI MINAJ! Everyone can hate and bullshit ,but wait a minute? Nicki is a star,and u?Where the fuck r u???Sitting at home with ur laptop on ur fat ass like THIS- donnow how to CALL THAT MYSTAKE OF MOTHER NATURE_)))
    everyone can make a video with a diss, but can u go and say the same shizzz to her face??? hell no u will
    i wish wasn`t in Russia,so i could slap that fatuglyvictimofchernobilkeys.

  13. Rdd. Listen up all you dummies out there. …..
    I like Nicki && ii feel tht she hs hur own style.
    Keys on the otha hand is straight gutta wit hurs.
    Im frm NY && ii still saii Keys went in on NM with no remorse && it was refrshing.
    To actually see a female do hur thing for once.
    The only reason NM sells albums is b/c of hur luke && b/c evrything she does has eithe Wayne or Drake on it.
    && for all yll who tllin Keys tht she shoodnt come at NM b/c Keys dsnt hve a deal ((all yll need to really shutup))
    Im pretty sure id Keys wntd a deal tht gurl cood gt one && sell mre records thn NM– no matter what she looks like.
    B/c when you listin’ you dont see there faces. Yu hear there flow&& thr lyrics. && ii wood defintly buY Keys CD b4 NM b/c ii noe im payin for quality.
    Bottom line is NM is NOT FUKKIN WIT KEYS. && THTS ALL THERE IS TU IT!!!

  14. omfuckin-G yu ppl tlkin bout nick got wayne n drake all da time, she BEEN doin traxx of her own n thatz how wayne even heard of her befoa signin her to HIS label n in2 the YOUNG MONEY CAMP, so yall sound real stupid. tha onlii reason keys is so “gutta” to yall iz cuz weve all gotten used to hearin fake ass bitches speak of glocks n ive sed befoa, she aint no different from any other hoodlum therefore we all speak tha same bullshit n its tiring. but it really doesnt matter what keys has to say right now, she aint but another youtube chicken on hope’s waitlist,so when everyone wants to do a collabo with her, then maybe ill take keys into consideration

  15. n foa these dumbasses tlkin bout nicki had it comin foa her, if thats tha case so does WAYNE, DRAKE, JAY-Z, N ANY OTHA RAPPER OUT THERE!!! imean wat rapper nowadays doesnt talk shit cuz they think they’re the shit??!!?? if yall gonna sit n attack sum fresh face then go after thoze who was there befoa her too!! GAWD BECKY!! if its such a dog-eat-dog world, dont sit n bite tha poodle, chew the FUCKING head off the pitbull!!

  16. Keys is the shit shes way better weak barbie bitch….and it dont matter if she got a record deal she goin get one…n u bitchs off at barbies dick is going be mad when u see keys take her part n young money……

  17. Keys Murdered Nicki !! Everyone Just Follows Nicki Because Shes A New Rapper That Just Came Out.. What Sense Does That Stupid Ass Hoe Make Anyways? Shes Always Talkin Some Bullshit Or Makin Her Own Damn Words Up Just To Rhyme With The Song ( Or Takes Lyrics That Were Already Said And Trys To Change Them Around ] Like In Roger That – Flow Tighter Than A Dick In The Butt? Seriously Who Hasnt Said That? Shes Fuckin Corny. And Shes A Barbie? Ohk Basically A Little Ass Girl! Keys On That Grown Woman Shit She Hood.. Not Nicki Who Claims Shes Hood. Honestly Open Your Eyes An Realize Minaj Is Garbage. And All Them Little Ass Hoodrat Bitches Who Claim There “Barbie” Just Like Her Than Yall On Some Jocker Status Bullshit. Be Yourself! – Haha

  18. miszfcknlieutenant uu meed tu shutuhp. Uu the onlii dumbass on here tlkin lyke dhat. && Minaj betta bb payyin uu dha waii uu suckin her dick.
    Dhat bitch corney && uu dumb as hell fah not realizing iht. I shood go in ohn yah dumb ass –keys. Lol.

  19. Keys flow is sick she was on point and that shit was tough. Everyone is so caught up in the Barbie glamor, get the fuck over it!!!! someone please play nicki’s mix tapes…. its the same shit over and over the fuck is with the yellin nd screamin?. just cause nicki on wayne’s dick people like her. Keys kept it 100 and spoke the fuckin truth. she don’t need a deal to get respect, and thats the problem bitches who aint got talent gettin the deals, the fuck? keys murdered the poor girl, stop gettin heated over the truth.

  20. Keys Demolished Nicki Like She Said She Speakin For Dah Hood Nd Quite Frankly Im Tired Sooooooo Of Dah Bimbo Headed Barbie Shit Like Get A Clue Nd Yall Talk About Keys Jacket Nd Haircut Like Nicki Wears Pink Wigs Nd Green Wigs Come On Now Nicki Has Very Little Talent Nd Keys Spoke Dah Truth Straight Up Didnt Sugar Coat Shit Nicki Is Ok She Can Rap Alil Bit But Keys Did Dah Damn THing

  21. Mannnn… Keys came for her with NO mercy! “You sound stupid! Who da fxck talks like dat?” i mean, dis gurl flow is TIGHT! she said so many different things that probably even some of the best rappers in da game, male or female, couldnt come up with! Keys needs a deal though because I wanna hear more from her. This gurl just slaughtered Barbie! thats gotta say something. and if i doesnt say enough: I JUST JOINED TEAM KEYS!!!!!!

  22. she iite, but da intro sucked, y is she yellin, n y do she use da same beat if nicki annoy her. i luvee me sum nicki, n all n-e-bodee can say is how nicki ass n such is fake. if datsz da case den how in da hell did mariah carey get so hot, she dnt even sing, she yell. im finna get hip to dis keys chick, but like ii sed i luvee me sum nicki so i aint switchin trainz jus yet.

  23. “This ain’t a rap b***h, this is Miley Cyrus!”

    Haha. Keys killed dat Bimbo Barbie yo. Nicki = Rap’s Lady Gaga.

  24. DAMN its about time somebody represented the realness…I am so so tired of wack ass bitches rapping about the bullshit..This girl here has talent and I love the MURLAND accent.. I could eat it up…KEYS YOU GOT MY VOTE….CUDOS!

  25. ATTENTION: to all that blogged about Keys attire…if yo dumb asses could here she said she has been chillin…Help her make the money so she can get the dope gear…dont even try to confuse fashion with rap…thats where our female rappers went wrong in the first place….quit focusing on the clothes and fucking listen! And I am a woman 36 years old posting this shit…cut the BS out!

  26. Back again,,,,yal need to check out keyz freestyling on yubetube wit,,,she went hard.damn sumbody give her a deal!! P.sfor get nicki minaj and her ghost writer

  27. Manne okay first ov all I love Nickii Minaj, but sh’e nothinq but a preddy face_ and her rap skiils do bhe kindha off cuse most ov the time yu dont bhe hearing nothinq but screaminq i mean take a look at the 09 rip the runway???
    she’s fake for one how the hell in a year yu gone go to a size 2 to a damn 22 lmao or watever??? her ass is fake, hips, hair, and maybe her nose and shid is fake i mean wtf??? does shhe have anything thats real.
    most rappers do that plastiic shiid just to get attention, imean nikki was preddy before wasnt nothin wrong wif here, and nt ways the whole mother fuckin Yung money is sum shit cause they all fuckinq each other i mean yu heard nikki say she never let a d- boy doink for free!!!
    and how the hell one day drake gonna say he in love with nikk minaj one day then the next he in lovee with some stripper???

  28. Its funny how everywhere you have more then 30 jackazzes that say nobody knows keys lol..but then shes all over the intenet with more then 2 million views..i would say to be unknown she sure is getting alot of attention. Even if its negative you are taking your time out to listen to her over and over again.. The only reason nicki seems hot is because the chicks that can end her career they are keeping away from the game. Its always been like that on New York City side. If a female rapper is in the game they wont let nobody that can still her shine in. I gives to fucks about what the media discloses as hot. i listen to all female rap artist and determine who is the best. Not by how much exposure they get, how good they look etc. but by lyrics thats what hiphop has been and what it will always be..So all ya barbiez who think being fake is the shit..then by all means go easy terms you rere’s can understand “you are birds, simple birds” pigeons of a feather flock together …

  29. I aint go lie I lik nicki minaj but keys did dat ta ass nickin minaj did not habe nuthin ta say baq lik come on now lik keys said a real LYRICAL bytch would get mad nd come baq but not sit unda a green fukin wig nd not say shyt but key is a fukin beast nd she rite nicki minaj makes no sense yea i lik nicki beats nd all but she has no real lyrics but she is creative so y nt use dat ta make real lyrics lik foreal she sound stupid really talks lik dat lolxz das mii part keys won nicki yhu lose

  30. Nah she did the right thing obviously lmao, she is all over the web with a wide fan base as well. It never matters who got in the game first its who can last the longest. Image not everything. she expressed how she felt nicki could have responded but that irs paying for ya welfare line was each its on not everybody wake up to a barbie life..keys go hard

  31. for all yall hoo sad dat keys is hating yall dnt kno nuffin she got on Nikki minaj. NM is fake n like me im for baltimore n we call it like we see it fuck nikki minaj n i dnt care if she on a label or not she not doing nuffin for me she cant rapp wat do she be sayn reindeers in all dat aint necessary. thanks

  32. omg KEYSS!!! she’s nice and all but who the hll wnts to hear a female talkn like that ughh I cant standd ish like that,,, and have yall noticed that all most everyone on her commntn is frm bmore be?? kno ones hating on keyss to be honest I thnk NM is being hated on she jus doin her thng fall back

  33. I really don’t rep either of these female rappers so my unbias question is….Is Keys trying to come up by publically dissin a female that already has fame???? I know ALOT of females in my neighborhood alone that can rap better then both of them! My answer to my question is YES, just another way to gain fame the easy way. Another case of hood American Idol lol

  34. Did I miss something? When did Nicki get a “deal” she don’t even have an album she raps garbage Keys kills this and I know Nicki aka Barbie Plastic can’t hold a candle to this girl. I would love to see these two battle… just because she is not backed by a major doesn’t mean a thing. I hope she does get signed because the female rap game is weak! We need strong female rappers who are not rapping about sex, getting guy’s paper and what they are wearing blah blah blah

    Let’s go!

  35. man keys dat bitch she killed nicki real hard and wat does wat she wear and how she look gt to do wit it.stop hatin on dis real rap chick

  36. female rap sucks anyways cause it aint cute i could get two fucks about so female murdering somebody or dealing fucking crack or what the fuck else i wanna see a damn lady be a lady, that shit aint cute i could care less where your from and if you want old hip hop go listen to OLD hip hop nicki aint even really a rapper she is and entertainer she rap sing and act so like what? the rest of her skills make up for her “flawed” flow. i call her a pop artist just like beyonce, or rihanna

  37. Personally keys can’t rap because if you listen to the mix tape she copy drake song over, she still copy nicki style on sponsor and why keys didnt fire back at lady shy because she know she can’t out rap lady shy and why did she really go for nicki because she wanted to shine off nicki fame but she still didnt shine because she have no air play on tv and she have no record deal. nicki bring sexy to female rapper to be quiet honest the reason why she dont go to hard because it might mess up her career being to hard of a female rapper. keys will never make in the rap game because her lyrics are lame like a rusty key gone into flames. nicki has a record deal and been on other people album and another thing lil kim she aint got to copy lil kim because someone already had that style lil kim claim to have before lil kim even had it. keys went after nicki because she cant handle eve trina missy queen latifah mc lyte mia x vita chalie balitmore lil kim all the other female rappers in the game keys couldnt handle the late left eye if she was still living brandy can rap harder than keys.


  39. Join Minaj? For what son? Yo Kemi real recognize real and who cares if Keys got a record deal kid or not, she spits fire and thats something Minaj can’t! Hip-hop 101, OK kiddies its not about how many records you sell, its about how well u rock the MIC! You kids got Hip-hop so fucked up you think T-Pain and Soldier boy is real Hip-hop LMFAO! Yo BX born raised and Hip-hop all in the veins I’ve been listening to this craft since the early 80’s and again its about skill not how many fuckin records you sold! Besides, most of these wack rappers white people from the burbs cop their albums…thats why these CORN BALLS make platinum status. WTF do white people know bout real Hip-hop? LMFAO! Lets get some real Kats that know about Hip-hop here please, and Kemi you need a betta career choice because Hip-hop is not your forte…you jus tryin to collect a check LMAO!

  40. Gotta give it up to Keys she ill and of Nicki hadnt said killed every rap bitch in the the buildind so keys had to snap.. She went into straight beast mode

  41. -ummm this is funny highly funny but Keys who are you darling i aint eva heard of you until Nicki started making millions….where did you come from did you just all of a sudden pop up and decide hey i wanna dis Nicki today….i’ll give you this you can rap but your not smart see you can go and act like you dont wanna be a profesional female rapper but its so obvious that you do becuase your going at one of the biggest rappers in the game i mean you didnt say shit bout trina, lola monroe, diamond, rasheeda, or khia but Nicki you came after her how sad…now the reason i say that you arent smart is becuase your doing this for publicity sweetie and the only two record labels that wouldve signed yo dumb, transvesdite looking ass wont becuase you dissed one of their biggest clients….i mean although the things you say are true your not doing anything positive with your talent sweety i mean wheres your mixtape, wheres your album, wheres your record deal….i mean your one of the few people that ive seen diss Nicki that im actually upset about becuaseyou have real raw talent and instead of using it for something postive your being an ass and dissing someone who clearly could care less about you….i really think that if you would become a professional female rapper it would be a tie between who would be the best out of you and Nicki but unfortunately that wont be happening….now to all of you Nicki haters out there who seemed to think Nicki is scared or whatever if you think about it youd understand….most likely Nicki’s being paid to sit back and laugh at Keys and her comments so like which would you choose start shit with someone who isnt on the same gwap level with you or get more gwap i think i would choose the money…like you people need to really like seriously get real and just recgnize that Nicki’s going hard no matter what shes making money and you idiots are sitting here behind a computer screen talking shit like little scared ass puppies or sum liek you would actually be able to take Keys side if you lame asses had some real talent i mean come on lets see you go head to head with Nicki and get your ass ate up….you childish idiots amaze me

  42. Yeah Keys Killed That, I Give her , Her Props. I Was Never A Nicki Minaj fan. I rooting for her. GO KEY!!!

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