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This weeks question is an age old Fashion Question.

Fashion or Comfort?

Which do you choose as a Fly Person, Looking Fly and being uncomfortable (i.e. ill fitting clothes, or tight shoes) or Average outfits and a comfortable disposition?


-Stay FLY!




  1. Real Talk,

    I can breathe when I get home! You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

    Fashion over Comfort! =)

  2. again I return after the jump, comfort. The only way you can screw something up is if its not you and you look bad doing it, if you are fly you can a rock a tin can and get away with it.

  3. LOL, Nope Choose one! It’s like Having the perfect Shoes that hurt your feet, but look SO FLY with your outfit, like PERFECT! What do you do go with the perfect shoe and suffer for a few hours or pick a substitute that doesn’t do anything for the outfit, but it’s comfortable?

  4. Rae darling, always fashion and just bring an extra pair of more comfy shoes for driving, sitting@ your desk etc etc …but when I have one of my premier ‘fits on, fashion baby all day!!!! I’ll suffer to pull that look

  5. we not talking about ill fitting clothes tho, the fit is right just not comfy, like wool itches me to no end and so does angora but if that assemble fits properly and is fly as phcuk etc I’ll suffer…….til I get home LOL

  6. Comfortable is a must when it come to fashion,You cant enjoy yourself if your tight up but, then again who has’nt rocked a pair of kicks or jeans that was a size smaller. I choose comfort.

  7. GUUD QUESTION SIR HOLIDAY, ill most definetly say FASHION all day baby, the only thing that i have done as far as being uncomfortable is not wearing a jacket bcuz i didnt have one that went with the fit so I SUFFERED BUT A NIGGA LUUK FLI AS FCK DOING SO,,LOL ,

  8. suffer for fashion, always. that’s the whole point, right? LOL when i was little, my mom burned my ear with the pressing comb on purpose and said, beauty is pain. i never forgot that.

  9. i would chose ‘the perfect shoe that hurts’
    or just chose another outfit that will match the comfy sneakers :P depending on my mood at the moment

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