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I digg Jesse. Very dope artist with a little swag to match. Good Job Jesse & T-Pain!

New Boyz feat. Ray J. after the jump….

Another good single for the New Boyz. This song fits their caliber. I would have used a better collabo though. Not sure about Ray J.
Tne New Boyz will release their debut album Skinny Jeans and A Mic on September 15th.

Your thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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5 thoughts on “NEW BOYZ x JESSE McCARTNEY x T-PAIN

  1. I’m sorry, but Jesse been hanging with a whole lot of black people LOL. I’ve always been a secret fan.

  2. Not really loving this particular song, but I do like me some Jesse McCartney!

    “Into Ya” is my song!!! And his “Buy You A Drank” Cover is dope!

  3. Ah I can’t see New Boyz..that’s my song. Ray J was not on the original…and it was good..don’t really like him too much.

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