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Uhhhhh…. what was C-Murder doing in prison all this time, if he just now got sentenced to life?


Bow Wow signs with Cash Money.

(cue crickets)

Is that not like going backwards?


I wonder how it feels to drop a video on 106th and Park and never see it again?

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Where’d Mariah’s voice go?


Are we over it?

-Stay FLY!

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5 thoughts on “5 RANDOM THOUGHTS…

  1. sooo Cash Money is just handing out recording contracts to anyone now. First Omarion and now Bow Wow and speaking of Bow Wow I could of sworn he “retired” and was trying to focus on acting?

  2. I am so over ANTM……..Please give it a rest. Theres nothing new that can be done. Why is 106 and park still on????????? I guess

  3. I see Bow Wow’s game plan already!

    He’s gonna hang around the studio w/ his new Young Money fam. waiting to steal their unused rhymes out the trash (I’m sure Drake & Wayne’s reject lyrics are better than anything Bow Wow could come up with)!!! LOL

  4. I agree ANTM needs to retire…has there ever been an actual “top model” to emerge from this show? the only one I remember is Eva Pigford and I barely see her anymore i guess her 15 mins are up.

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