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Eva was spotted at the Our World Live presented by Snoop Dogg & Friends…

Now, you guys know that I am not a huge fan of the jumper-onesies and this is very good example why I am not.

Eva is just a little too slim for this silk number. The hair is all over the place and her shoes are obviously too big.

*She could have pulled it off with a hot jacket or bomber, better hair and a better heel game.

And is that white toe nail polish *blank stare*….I’m sad.

All in all, Eva is still a FLY chick to me.

What do you think?…

-Stay Fly!

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  1. I happen to be a fan of jumpers and onesies…besides the white toe nail polish, I think she looks great.

  2. I’m not really mad at her. She looks kinda fly to me. You went too hard on this one. You nitpicking. How is she too slim for a onesie???

  3. It’s not Keri Hilson…LOL. Keri puts a onsie on and it’s all good. I personally dont think Keri looked any better in hers, but DO think they both pulled the look off to be honest. However, I would agree that Teairra Mari was a perfect example of how NOT to wear one. Sorry Rae, Happy Easter :)

  4. Happy easter fli society.. I know I’m late commenting but to be honest it dosent luuk that bad @ all. The hair isn’t polished enuff and the shoes don’t go with that,the whit nail polish isn’t a bad luuk but maybe her polish is old and that’s why it dosent luuk guud.. lol. She usually does pretty guud but either way she’s kinda fli,gotta love tha DIV@…

  5. everyone will be rocking the white toes this summer so get used to it. But I think her toes are silver in the pic..anywho , the jumpsuit is too big and the shoes are horrible.. What happened to Eva’s swag?? she had a fly lil style when she was on top model .

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