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    Here is a sneak peek of Eminem, 50 Cent & Dr. Dre on set of Em’s new video “We Made You.”

    It’s been a long time coming since we have heard from Eminem. Do you think he will remain relevant as he did in the past?

    Hmmm…not sure. It’s tough out there right now. Make sure you bring the heat Eminem! I’m just sayin…

    What do you think FLY ones?

    -Stay Fly!

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    8 Comments for SEEN ON THE SCENE….


    Извините если не туда, но как с админом сайта связаться?


    And b4 i read i was lookin like whos the guy in the middle? lol he looks different…idk bout a comeback 4 him tho

    I'm Just saying...

    Was he that relevant in the past? What’s your definition of relevant? He is a talented lyricist but with the exception of his political songs his topics were mostly about how much he hated his mother and killing Kim (a lot of teen angst coming from a growna$$ man). Relevant?


    I fux w/Eminem…last album was weak…hope he comes back hard…
    Sidebar…he looks like Pee Wee Herman…lol


    @I’m Just saying:

    You mean besides the 1.7 million units sold in one week? Or the 25 million total records sold? Or the multiple Grammy’s/VMAs? Or the Academy Award? Or some of the best songs of the past decade? Yea, not very relevant.



    Yah, I agree Don, he can eat any rapper alive. And if today, what you mean by relevant is WHACK, cuz that’s mostly what’s out there, then I take it EM will stay NOT relevant…lol. This guy can go hard and reps the D all the way…He will always have relevance in Hip-Hop’s past, present, and future if he wants becasue his lyrical ability has left it’s mark, please don’t undermine that. I mean don’t some of you people listen to the Dream…WTF! And yes, I know he’s not a rapper, but he’s all over this site, so there is some whack relevance for ya I guess.


    Um…who is Em trying to emulate in that getup? Rain Man or PeeWee Herman?


    “crack a bottle, let your body waddle”

    uhh…nuff said. dripping wack juice.

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